SAFCOIN - South Africa's First
Exclusive Crypto Opportunity.

Tokens available

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SAFCOIN ICO Token sale is a Unique opportunity exclusively to the South African people. This is your chance to be part of Africa’s 1st cryptocurrency launch.

SAFCOIN now offers a token pre-sale opportunity only available to South Africans.

There are only 500000 pre-sale tokens available.

Buy your Tokens now and be part of this amazing revolution.

Crypto opportunity

Although SAFCOIN will be an African global trading cryptocurrency we have created a unique opportunity exclusively to the South African market to invest into the pre-sales start-up currency.

Token Sales

SAFCOIN Initial Coin Offering is an opportunity to own your coin before the launch. There’s 500000 Tokens available. Each Token purchased will be migrated into your own crypto-coin, giving you a full SAFCOIN crypto-coin.


After the 500000 ICO pre-sale tokens, the SAFCOIN crypto will launch and be listed on major local, African and international exchanges for live trading. 
Your pre-sale tokens will be migrated into SAFCOIN

Payment Gateway

Tokens can be purchased through our EFT gateway partner i-Pay.
Using i-Pay exclusively as the Tokens gateway payment method safeguards the SAFCOIN pre-sales exclusively to South Africans.

Referral Tokens

To help South Africans even more we have created a referral link in your client login. After you have purchased a token you will be able to share your link and get even more tokens for referring.

Safe & Secure

SAFCOIN Blockchain has been audited by 3rd party security auditors.
Our payment gateway is secure with the following active certificates: Thawte - EV SSL - Identity Theft - Extra Security

SAFCOIN Blockchain,
the Revolution in Virtual Coin

SAFCOIN as a completely local South African crypto have created an opportunity for our people, our country – YOU! to join the most exciting crypto launch Africa has ever seen.
Join us in making History and enriching the people of South Africa.
Be part in this revolutionary new world.


It is estimated that South Africans are trading between 2 – 5 billion Rand in bitcoins.
In over 5,000 years no single currency has dominated the globe it’s very unlikely – no matter what Bitcoin enthusiasts say – that any one cryptocurrency ever will.
  • Since the start of Blockchain and Bitcoin in 2010 the world has revolutionised into a fresh way of trading, buying, selling and investing.
    Although investors still coin it with Bitcoin we feel that the bulk of profits were made between the starting days in 2010 – present. The Bitcoin price traded at $0.008 and in five days, the price grew 900%, rising from $0.008 to $0.08 (R1) for 1 bitcoin. Today the price is around R100 000 for a Bitcoin.
    SAFCOIN believes that Africa has lost out on many of these unique start-ups across the world. People of Africa have always been the followers in investment opportunities and network marketing, peer-to-peer and the latest bitcoin crypto rush. While 1st and 2nd world countries historically cash in billions of $ before they even come to Africa and scoop up the late investors, a well know South African saying of “Die Agter Osse” (the late sleeper).

  • Our goal with the SAFCOIN ICO pre-sale tokens is to help South Africans join the crypto currency in the pre-launch sales stages. This enables the crypto start-up investor from South Africa to be part of history from the very beginning. Your token will be migrated to the SAFCOIN crypto currency after the ICO token sales. There’s only 500000 tokens available to the South African market. The pre-sales will be available on the official blockchain website of SAFCOIN - Transactions will be run by I-Pay secure EFT system only for South African bank account owners. Tokens are sold on the Blockchain with ICO smart contracts. Our Blockchain token contracts have been through Security Audit by 3rd party Audit company. With the arrival of Smart Contracts, Application Security has become more important than ever before. Our Blockchain will keep your code secure with our manual and automated audits.

  • After creating your Token account and purchasing a token or more on the website your token will be processed into your blockchain wallet. This wallet will be migrated into the crypto wallet once the SAFCOIN crypto launches after Token Sales.

    What is a crypto wallet?
    A simple answer is that a crypto wallet is a piece of software that stores your crypto coins. A more technical answer is that it is a software programme that stores public and private keys, which come in pairs, enabling the owner to send and receive cryptocurrencies through the blockchain and monitor their balance. If you want to send, receive or store coins, you will need this crypto wallet.

  • SAFCOIN Secure online payment partner in the token sales is i-Pay.
    i-Pay is an instant smart EFT payment service in South Africa that allows the South African customer to make secure online payments directly from their bank account. Using i-Pay exclusively as the Tokens gateway payment method safeguards the SAFCOIN pre-token sales uniquely and exclusively to South Africans.
    Consumer benefits:
    Fast & simple 3-step payment process
    All personal data remains private
    Thawte Certificate & EV SLL Certificate security standards
    A far reduced risk of identity theft than any credit/cheque/debit card payment system.

  • SAFCOIN will be building a community around South Africa first. The primary goal with the pre-token sales is to build a South Africa community into the SAFCOIN before it goes internationally and into the rest of Africa. This will give the SA investor the opportunity to own a full coin before international investors stream in.
    Goal: To have African countries accept the SAFCOIN as payment solution
    SAFCOIN will negotiate online shopping, Retailers, services, trading industries across the entire Africa to accept the SAFCOIN as payment method.
    SAFCOIN has partnership with miners to mine and trade the currency on the blockchain.
    SAFCOIN will also give new miners in South Africa opportunities thus creating jobs and creating opportunities.
    SAFCOIN will also have their own mining stations across Africa.

  • On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made the first real-world transaction by buying two pizzas in Jacksonville, Florida for 10,000 BTC. In five days, the price grew 900%, rising from $0.008 to $0.08 for 1 bitcoin. Today 10 000 Bitcoins are worth R1 000 000 000
    The world has never worked this way - an all around, revolutionary opportunity discussed by your friends and colleagues. Cryptocurrency is volatile by nature and can fluctuate a great percentage in a day. There are always risks with prices shooting up and down, good and bad for you. This is an opportunity for major growth.
    After the 500000 tokens only 500000 SAFCOINs can be mined GLOBALLY. This will make your coin precious to own. Once international investors start buying into SAFCOIN the coins will become more valuable and the price will go up. SAFCOIN is 110% dedicated to get the entire Africa and world interested in investing and owning SAFCOIN. This is your opportunity to invest before the crypto launch.

SAFCOIN Distribution
and trading

SAFCOIN pre-sale Tokens are distributed exclusively to South Africans.
SAFCOIN coins will be available globally.
SAFCOIN to be exclusive to African merchants to accept as payment method.

SAFCOIN Distribution

TIA Campaign: The launch campaign will be called the TIA campaign. (TIA - THIS IS AFRICA)

Tokens: 500000 pre-sale tokens migrated into coins

Coins: 500000 SAFCOIN


Building a trading community

Global Exchange listing

SAFCOIN Local Exchange launch

Listed on the cryptocurrency market

Create mining opportunities

SAFCOIN to negotiate African Merchants

Service centres set up around SA

Educate Africa on crypto trading



If you lost out on Bitcoin, don’t lose out on SAFCOIN.
This is your opportunity to be part of history and wealth.


SAFCOIN was created by a group of South African crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with incredible market knowledge of the technical world in programming, networking, online trading and exchange.


An innovative payment network and a new kind of money.



Ever Growing.

Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions,constantly growing.



The Revolutionary Digital Asset.

The world has never worked this way. This is a revolutionary opportunity.


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